The Ritzville Museum Board is an all-volunteer group that was founded in the 1980s by residents who were dedicated to preserving the heritage and legacy of years gone by.

Ritzville Museum Board Officers:

Randy Flyckt, President

Priscilla Thompson, Secretary

Callie Moore, Treasurer

Susie Kirkendall, Burroughs Museum Vice-President

Dale Anderson, Depot Museum Vice-President

Gaynel Gering, Advisor to the Board

Sherrie Guiles, Board Rep Position 1

Cory Bartlett, Board Rep Position 2 (Website Admin)

Katie Sloane, Board Rep Position 3

LR Keith, member at large

Board meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday at 12pm at Jake's Cafe.

Dates are subject to change, however, so please contact us to confirm details.